I Am the Thief

I am the thief who filled his life
With toil and trouble; hatred and strife
I am the one who found content
In sin and death and evil intent

I am the thief who plied his way
To trial and judge and sentencing day
My just due and recompense
Was eternal death as my expense

As I climbed the bloody trail
My body’s strength and life grew frail
And as my flesh was pressed to wood
Nails in my hands and feet now stood

Pain and rage soon filled my heart
Godless man would soon depart
This life behind with unknown fate
Hopeless thoughts for me now wait

As a worthless life was drained away
On my behalf none could say
That any part of me had such worth
To prevent my eviction from this earth

While hateful words of revile and rebuke
Were hurled at helpless man who took
Dying breath, blood’s final stain
I barely heard the sweet refrain

“Father, forgive them…” was what began
From the lips of the dying Man
“Son of God” was what they said
Crown of thorns pressed to His head

“Forgiveness”, oh could it be…
That these words were meant for me?
“Save yourself,” my friend’s harsh reply
“And save us too, before we die”

In defensive rebuke my words flung back
You should fear God for what we lack
We rightly receive our due reward
But this is no place for the Lord

Nothing wrong has He done
This is holy God’s perfect Son
For us to die indeed is just
But Lord, why is it that you must?

Lord, remember me when you come
Back to your eternal home
Let your Kingdom come and will be done
Let your heaven receive her brightest Son

I know who I am and what I’ve done
I know this death is what I’ve won
But Lord, you pay too great a cost
For whom do you bear this cross?

And oh the words that I’ll ne’er forget
As my heart and His love were wed
My child, my son, I am the Way
Paradise will call you home today!


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